Pandemic Sketchbook

We’re live!...view my pandemic sketchbook in a mini storefront window display, while waiting in line for curbside coffee orders at Zoot Coffee. This changeable sketchbook on display contains nearly 60 drawings each viewable according to the whim of the proprietor...all created from February 14 - May 9, 2020.

31 Elm Street, Camden, Maine

Art Auction to Benefit Lisa Savage for US Senate

I will be donating 100% of sales from my piece: "Love" 14" x 10" gouache, collage on paper 2016, to Lisa's campaign. Bidding starts at $300.00, Value is $750.00.

This piece was created November 4, 2016, four days before the presidential election. It is from a collage series that I began creating as a follow up to my sculptural dummy smart phones series. Both series involved collaging magazine imagery as smart phone screens. This is one of the very first ones, if not the very first one, I created, so it is an extremely valuable piece historically. As the presidential election was only four days away it was informed by the political maneuvering in the lead up to election day. Two arms in a baroque entanglement attempt to communicate via their smart phones...the red-sleeved arm's phone displaying a gold chain and the blue-sleeved arm's phone displaying a suggestive organic cavity-like form. In retrospect, being where we are today in the midst of a pandemic and having been held hostage for four years to grim displays of partisan upheaval, I am glad that I had the foresight, back then, to title this painting "Love".

From Lisa: "As a teacher in rural Maine, I work with children whose families are struggling to survive in an economy that’s thrown working people under the bus. To make things worse, we’re facing a climate crisis that’s already harming our farms, fisheries and coast. Yet with all the urgent needs we face, Congress is making things worse by giving almost 60% of our federal discretionary budget to the Pentagon for endless, unwinnable wars that are making the world less safe.

It’s time to say no to politics as usual, and join together to work for a new system that puts people, planet and peace over profit.

We have a historic opportunity in this race now that Maine has adopted Ranked Choice Voting. Our new and improved voting system, which Mainers won through an inspiring grassroots movement, gives everyone the freedom to vote their values, not their fears. In my experience, most Mainers share the Green Party's values of peace, justice, democracy, environmental protection, and independence from the political establishment."

High bids will be updated at at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily, starting May 18 and until May 21, when the auction goes LIVE at 5:30 p.m.


Group Show

Opening reception CANCELLED Friday, March 13, 6:00pm

Runs through May 1, 2020 (Gallery closed to the public due to the pandemic)....extended to June 12th to accommodate possibilities for opening up.

2 government street
kittery maine 03904


I will be presenting May 8, 2020 (Postponed until September) at The Strand in Rockland, Maine, with a reception afterwards at the Center for Maine Contemporary art, sponsors of Midcoast PechaKucha.

PechaKucha Night is an internationally recognized event
based on a unique presentation style in which artists, designers and other creative
individuals share twenty images, with twenty seconds for each image.

PechaKucha Night Midcoast Maine spans from Thomaston to Belfast, and
strengthens community by bringing people of all ages together to consider ideas
and images presented by various creative makers and thinkers in our area.

"True Colors"

Group show: August 7th through September 11th, with an opening reception Friday August 7th.

Betts Gallery at the Belfast Framer

96 Main St.
Belfast, ME 04915

Solo show of large gouache paintings on paper December 2020 at Perimeter Gallery in Belfast, Maine

Perimeter Gallery

Chase's Daily

96 Main Street

Belfast, Maine