Darfur at Our Doorstep/A New Black History

Rekindling my relationship with El Fadel Arbab, a genocide survivor now living in Maine, at Zoot Coffee in February, for Black History Month. See "Darfur at Our Doorstep" in my Archive 2017 - 2010. More details to be announced.

"Gallery Closed"

A curatorial project of mine, aligned with Waterfall Art's year long theme of "altered environments", featuring new work involving my pass through walls (see Indigestion). Included will be four artists, whose artwork establishes itself as an art entity, or non-art entity that has supplanted/transformed the hosting entity.

Kenny Cole
Geoff Hargadon
Brian Reeves
Paula Lalala

More details to be announced.

July 26 through September 20, 2019


Solo show featuring a large interactive canvas, drawings and papier-mâché sculptures in a room-sized installation. Visitors can open a large canvas hinged to a wall that covers an opening big enough for them to pass through. The reverse side of the canvas reveals tubes and organic forms.

Artist's reception 6-late, October 19, 2018
2 Government Street
Kittery, Maine 03904
Tu-Sat 4 to 10pm
Or by appointment. Please call Al Mead:
207 450-2402
Through November
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