I will have work in Bett's gallery's first group show of the 2019 season, "Roots", which will open Friday May 24th as part of the Belfast Fourth Friday Art Walks. The show will run from May 24th through June 29th.

The Belfast Framer & Betts Gallery

96 Main Street, Belfast, ME 04915
"Darfur at Our Doorstep: A New Narrative"

Rekindling my activist connection with genocide survivor El Fadel Arbab, by showing two series of works on paper at Zoot Coffee through February. See "Darfur at Our Doorstep" and "Now & Then: PPL Reconfigured" in my Archive 2017 - 2010. El Fadel Arbab and I will be present at Zoot Coffee on February 23, from 11am to 3pm, to discuss my artwork, recent developments in Sudan and answer questions about the migration crisis across the world.

Zoot Coffee
31 Elm Street, Camden, Maine

Thu - Tu 7-4pm



"Gallery Closed"

A curatorial project of mine, aligned with Waterfall Art's year long theme of "altered environments", featuring new work involving my pass through walls (see Indigestion). Included will be four artists, whose artwork establishes itself as an art entity, or non-art entity that has supplanted/transformed the hosting entity.

Kenny Cole
Geoff Hargadon
Brian Reeves
Paula Lalala

More details to be announced.

July 26 through September 20, 2019